Why Choose an Online Auction?

If your family is faced with liquidating the estate of a family member we understand what an overwhelming situation you may be facing. How do you handle this unwanted estate when you have your own to worry about? We want to be the team you turn to for peace of mind in this stressful time.

We offer a modern solution to this old problem. The online estate auction. We have a team of trained people who can go to your location to sort and catalog and upload the entire estate to the auction web site. We handle the advertising and marketing of the sale online thru various platforms. Since we advertise across the country we are also able to ship most items to winning bidders anywhere, this does not limit your potential buyers to your local area like a traditional on-premise estate sale.

Holding a traditional estate sale on your property brings a whole new level of stress and privacy issues. The idea of opening your loved ones home and having the general public rummage thru your loved ones life long possessions may seem very unappealing to most most people. There is a chance for things to be broken and stolen not to mention wear and tear on the house itself can really effect it’s value on the real estate market.

Our team treads lightly in the property assuring all the items get treated with care and concern to bring the highest value at auction. We sell only what you want us to sell. Any personal items we find are set aside and given back to the family. At the end of the auction only the winning bidders are allowed on the property to pick up their items and then exit the premises, no wandering around, no invasion of privacy.

There is only one important thing to remember when comparing the pros and cons of of an online estate auction versus a traditional estate sale: In the auction environment the prices of your items only goes up, not down. By the end of a traditional estate sale your items are being sold at a severe discount of 50% or more off the original asking price. An auction starts the bidding with a small dollar amount to bring in the most bidders and then through the course of the auction the price only goes up.

We can provide relief and peace of mind with our transparent process. You can rest assured all your property will be treated with dignity and respect. We also provide a full line item accounting of every auction lot showing the sale price and all commission information. Our organized and controlled process will meet or exceed all your requirements in a probate situation.

At the conclusion of the auction the bottom line will confirm that you made the right choice for your family. This process will bring the best results and be completely handled by our team from beginning to end.

The online auction solution is great even for smaller liquidations. We can handle collections and consignments as well. Got a storage unit, barn, basement, attic full of stuff we can help you sell it. If you’ve considered listing items on E-Bay or heard from a friend or co-worker that they “will help you” they won’t and E-Bay is not new seller friendly. our professional staff can evaluate your collection and get you top dollar for your items. You’d get the same line item report as our estate auction customers.